An exceptional voice, a self-assured and reflective artist who writes her own songs and lyrics, who plays the piano, co-produces her record and generally keeps the reins in her hands. Exactly such a great discovery can now be made in the German pop landscape: Debby Smith. 


"Art should comfort the disturbed, and should disturb the comfortable," is a statement attributed to the Mexican poet and human rights activist Cesar A. Cruz and Debby Smith has chosen this motto of her artistic creation. However, she does not forget to gently and confidently pull her listeners back in after the emotional elemental force that her songs and her voice (!) can trigger in one. With soft, comforting tones and the corresponding images, which bring back - in a transformed form - a piece of pop childhood of the 90s and 2000s. Because, honestly, who does not get nostalgic when thinking back on rainy afternoons watching MTV or VIVA music television?


For the music video of the debut single "Something Special" Debby Smith takes her listeners to Los Angeles. Exactly to Hollywood, the epitome of glamour. The dream factory, which has significantly influenced our expectations of love relationships. But instead of getting caught up in pop-platitudes and then delivering the perfect, beautifully cut-up glossy imagery, she chooses the path of the greatest risk; a one-take shot without double bottom and at the risk that something can go wrong at any moment and you have to start over. The clip comes in hip colour aesthetics, showing Debby Smith confidently prancing along the chic Beverly Hills homes that you could easily see her residing in and her singing: "... it's not easy nowadays to believe in fairy tales, I mean, look around and you will see broken hearts, broken dreams, still I want the real kind of love?“ But in the next second, the protagonist suddenly disappears from the picture. When she reappears, superimposed VHS interferences distort the picture. The facade of the dream world, it crumbles tremendously. "I want something special". But doubts stir in the audience: of all things you could find here, she's looking for authenticity, something "real" or even "true love"? Whether she finally found it remains open in the video, as if she had already achieved everything desired with the advent of the question.




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